Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Filofax A-Z Tabs Refurbished

I posted a pic of my Personal size Touch Me Van Der Spek on Facebook and the tabs generated a lot of interest.  So I thought I would share how I made them.

They're very simple and cost me the price of a pack of white stickers.

You will need 2 sets of A-Z Filofax tabs.
Pack of coloured Sharpies or felt tip pens.
Frixion Erasable Pens
Pack of Small white stickers.
Sheet of paper.

I simply coloured 3 stickers in each colour.
Placed one colour on each side of the divider to hide the letter and one colour on a sheet of paper to make an index.

I use Frixion pens on the Index, so if I change anything around I can erase the index as and when needed.

Told you it was simple! Lol


  1. Hi Gail, I came across your blog recently and as a bibliophile and librarian I am in love with your book journal. Do you make your own printable sheets or are they available online anywhere? They are perfect!

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