Tuesday, 29 January 2013

All In One Filofax Journal

I decided this year I was going to take my journal and diary writing more seriously.  Deciding what to use was a bit of a nightmare, I  bought so many different Journals, Diaries and Filofax inserts, it was shocking!  I finally decided to write my journal in a Moleskine Diary, then I had a separate notebooks in my Midori Traveller's Notebook for my Reading Diary and Health Journal.  I had another diary going to note down the weather, my food intake and how I was managing my time and finally I had my Crochet Journal.  I was also contemplating on starting a Spirituality/Tarot Journal.  

As you can imagine, in the evenings when I write in my Journals, it was a bit of a haul pulling out all these different journals and diaries.  It got me thinking, I just needed something where I can write down all this stuff on one place.  So, do I use a Filofax and have different subject tabs or can I get all this info down on one page ???

First I needed to decided on a Filofax.  I recently swapped a A5 red Finchley, so I put my 365 Day Journal into this Filofax, then took my favourite A5 Finchely in Imperial Purple and made some inserts for it.

The first inserts I added were, the Monthly divider tabs.  The A5 Finchley doesn't have huge rings so I can only get 4-6 months in it at a time.

Next I needed to make the inserts I wanted to use:

Page 1:
Page 2:

So now I have all my info covered  over 2 pages and I don't have to keep so many different journals.

I've been using this system for just over a week and it's working out really well, plus I get to use my lovely A5 Finchley every day too.  I use 2 four coloured Bic pens so I have 8 colours to work with.


  1. Those inserts are awesome. Great post.

  2. I love your inserts. Very useful!

  3. I really like this set up. Normally I would say that bound journals are nicer than binders for journal ing but this looks so practical

  4. That is a very nice set up.. love the idea of all on one day! I might use similar idea =)

  5. i love this -- every one of your sections applies to me as well!!

  6. I love your filofax. How did you punch the wholes?