Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Doodle Filofax Competiton

Competition at end of post!

I recently received the Personal Sized Doodle.  This is a compact Filofax and retails at £22.  It comes in a plastic sleeve with some doodle ideas on the front of it.

Out the packaging, you get a Leather affect Organiser with a pleasing to the eye, blue elastic band to keep it altogether.
 The idea of this cover is for you to add your own doodles and drawings.
 The cover is a little stiff at first and does not lie flat straight out the box, but with a little use, I am sure this matter will be resolved fairly quickly.  The inside feels somewhat like suede and is cream in colour.
Ring size 15mm.

So contents wise,

  • Transparent flyleaf
  • Colour front sheet to co-ordinate with organiser
  • 1-6 coloured index
  • To do
  • White ruled notepaper
  • White quadrille notepaper
  • White plain notepaper
  • Blue ruled notepaper
  • Green ruled notepaper
  • Pink ruled notepaper
  • Contacts
  • Frosted ruler/page marker

Please note, the Doodle does not come with a Diary.

The Doodle also does not come with an attached pen holder like most Filofax, with this one you get a pocket holder with a pen loop attached to that.  This gives you scope to put the pen/pencil at the front, back, or even in the middle of your Filofax. And there are some little Spirograph discs, so you can have fun making your own doodles.
I haven't started to use the Doddle yet and to be honest, the thought of drawing on a Filofax just fills me with dread, plus my drawing skills are pretty equal to a 2 year old.  But I had a bit of an epiphany, I am going to find a drawing I like, print it out then trace it onto the Doodle, okay it won't be my work, but it will be of something I like...hopefully.  Or maybe, I could just cover it in diamante bling or stickers.....get creative, put your mind to work, the ideas are endless!

And now the best bit:

To celebrate the launch of the "Doodle" organiser, Filofax are giving you all the chance to win one every month by sending them your doodle design to:

So everyone, get Doodling......

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Stationary Organisation With My Filofax

Lots of people are into tote organisers for their stationary and Filofaxes, today I want to show you my efforts.  You may remember last August I showed you this post of my own pen organiser.  It's worked well for me, but since then, my stash of stationary as increased a whole lot more.

Earlier this week I bought this Craft Tote bag from The Range. I liked it at first, but it was very heavy when filled and didn't rotate so easy, so after a couple of days I decided I didn't care much for it, so I sold it on.

Then this Handbag Organiser arrived from e-bay a couple of days ago, It's actually quite nice to hold stationary in, and is even big enough to hold my A5 Finchley.

But still, I needed something a bit bigger. This is just some of my stationary items I like to have around me, when I am working in my Filofaxes.

I don't really cart all my stationary and Filofaxes around with me, I sit in the same place,  I thought, I don't need something completely portable, so here is what I have come up with.....and best of all, this organiser cost me NOTHING!  I had everything I needed to make it, right here in my home.  So prepare yourself for a Blue Peter moment!

Ta Dah .....
Yes, every thing you see in the other picture fits snugly inside this home made organiser!

All you need is a shoe box and lot of smaller sized boxes.  I raided the medicine cupboard to get quite a few of my boxes, there's a couple of boxes from tea-bags and my washi tape is inside an old Iphone box.
Top View
I used a couple of tubes to use as separators.
Side View

I used some double sided sticky tape (there's the Blue Peter moment) to fix them all in place and it's actually quite sturdy.  I was going to give it a lick of paint, but as you can see, not much of the smaller inner boxes can be seen when all the pens etc. are in it.

So the handbag Organiser I bought from e-bay is now used as my sticker and sticky label holder. 

And it works just fine.

I keep them all inside this storage container, along with a couple of my Filofaxes.

And if I do need to carry it around, I just lie the Filofaxes flat, pop the lid on and it's completely portable around my house.

I may buy a larger bag to fit these inside, but for now, I am happy enough with this little set up......

Please review, all bold type are clickable links.  Thanks. x

Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Original A5 Filofax

Hello again everyone, have a look at what I received* this afternoon in the post!

The Original A5 Organiser in Fluoro Pink

The Original Key chain in Fluoro Pink

 But first I am going to to a review on The Original A5 Organiser, I haven't seen any reviews on this one yet so I may well be the first one.


No cardboard boxes with this one, in a way, I am pleased, I keep all those boxes and they take up some room, even with personal sized boxes slipped inside the A5 ones.  This Filofax comes with it's own clear dust jacket, which is an ingenious idea when you think of how many people handle them in the shops.

The Colour

This Filofax is a beautiful piece of work.  I opted for pink.....well.....I live in a house full of males and there's not much pink going on, so when I can get something for myself if pink, I go for it. lol  This pink is not for the faint hearted, it's full in your face, Fluorescent Pink.  There's even a notice on the Filofax website, warning you that the Florescent colours may well appear brighter than the photos, and believe me, they are!  But getting a decent photo of this baby is extremely difficult, even with the best natural lighting.  You will notice  in the following pics, it's going to appear from orange and red to bright pink. But this is the nearest colour match I can get using my camera.

The Clasp
A gel type of popper cap, withe the words, Filofax The Original est,1921

Simplicity, gone are the credit card holders, there's just 2 slots you could use for anything, ticket stubs, business cards etc.  A clear fly leaf, covering a Filofax logo page.


A piece of elastic, at first you will wonder what you are going to do with this, but on closer inspection, you will see how useful this is going to be.  Lots of pens maybe, or you could do what I did.......

...and find that my Iphone 5 fits in there perfectly.  

Behind this is a full length pocket, so enough space to add things.

2014 Week on 2 pages vertical format diary in 5 languages.

 Six numbered Dividers in Blue and Green                             Clear ruler and To Do Sheets

 Lined Notepaper,  Quadrille Notepaper and Plain Notepaper.

Blue, Green & Pink Notepaper

Another clear ruler and a zipped envelope.
 July - Dec 2013 Diary.

Contacts, the format is a little different to older contact sheets.

Inside back cover, another full length pocket, I really like these, it means I can add the back cover of a notebook if I need to.  Also a thin notebook, idea for shopping lists etc.

The Original lies flat with no help, it is so supple and flexible and feels amazingly soft and smooth.  It also comes with 25mm rings,  this Organiser is flexible but also quiet sturdy, my only concern is, once those rings are full there is not a lot of room to add those pens and closing it with the press stud is somewhat difficult.  Maybe a longer Strap would surfice?

Plenty of room to fit extra stuff.

The back view with the clear plastic dust cover on it.
Overall this is a lovely Filofax and I can't wait to start using it.  Because it is very minimal inside, no extra bulky pockets or zips, it is actually very light compared to some of the other A5 Filofaxes.  The thick stitching is not only appealing, but looks like it will stand up to day to day usage.

So what do you think, do you like the look of The Original, what colour would you buy?  It comes in:

Fluoro Pink
Fluoro Orange
Patent Purple
Patent Fuchsia
Original Yellow
Standard Green

Leave me feedback and thanks for reading. x

*Disclaimer:  Filofax do not pay me to advertise or review their products. I simply do it because I love their organisers.  Thank you to Jess from Ideas Network, for sending me this Filofax and allowing me to review their products.