Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Filofax & Crochet

I have noticed a lot of people who use Filofax and other Organisers are really crafty, so I just want to show a couple of projects I have done.  I enjoy Crochet, I taught myself 3 years ago, just after my dad passed away, using a good instruction booklet and watching some YouTube videos. 

This is Grandpa Jo and Granny Flo, posing with my every day Filofax, the Personal Regency in brown.  I blogged here and here about it.
I named them after my grandparents, John & Florance.

I did have a Crochet Filofax but needed the organiser for something else, mmm.....maybe an excuse to buy another one. lol

This is my biggest project to date, I completed it a couple of months ago and at 144 Squares, it took me around 100 hours to complete using 45 shades of wool, all of which I had noted in my Filofax, so I didn't forget which ones I used or already bought! 

Yes, the bunting above my King sized bed is Crocheted too.

So are you crafty,  which ones do you do? 

Leave me comments, I love to read what you think!