Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New Daily Journal - The Malden

And so the Daily Journal quandary continues....

I've now come up with this one, A5 Purple Malden.  

I haven't blinged this up with stickers and post it notes, I've simply added my favourite poem... Footprints in the Sand.

A couple of years ago, I bought two packs of the Filofax Time Management day on 2 pages Diary.  I used the first one for that year's journal and it worked well, but I never got round to using the other one. 

I was going to throw it away, after all, how useful is a 2 year old diary, but then I couldn't waste that much paper so I have now put it to use....with the help of a bottle of Tippex Correction Fluid.  All dates and calendars have had a white out and I've added a daily quote to where the calendars were!  It's similar to the Printed Sheets I made, but I can save on ink and paper using these one.

The Malden's 30mm rings can easily accommodate most of the Time Management Diary, I keep the rest in the front inside cover, it gives the floppy cover a bit of stability.

The pens I am using on this journal are these bargain buys, I got yesterday at a shop called Boyes.  They cost £2.99 for 12 and write beautifully.

They have fine points but have no bleed through.

And finally my blinged Page Marker.

Fingers crossed everyone, this is going to be "The Daily Journal" for me. lol

Using Day to 2 page Filofax Diary

I wonder....does anyone go through as many journals as I do?

Last year, I stuck with the same Daily journal all throughout the year, it was a Collins Elite Day to one page thing and I hated it so much!  It was bigger than A5 but smaller than A4, it was awkward to use and I never used it to it's full potential, But at £30, I didn't want to give up on it and stuck it out for the year.  This year I promised myself I would use what I liked so I actually enjoyed journaling again.  So a few weeks ago, after having a few false starts on using a Moleskine and the Midori Traveler's Notebook, I made my own inserts and began using them, but again, I felt the need to move on to something else, plus I had this niggling thought in my head, I had purchased a Filofax personal Day to 2 page diary insert at the end of last year, and it was sat doing nothing.  So I dug it out and began using that.

Which Filofax to use?  Well a day to 2 pages is a lot of bulk, and the only Filofax I had that would fit that lot was my Personal Chilli Cuban.  I didn't want to use it, as it's still new in the box and I would still prefer to try and swap it for something else, then I remembered I have a Zipped Franklin Covey Compact Mia, that the lovely Lynn from Cloudberry Musings sent me.  

 This little baby has 33mm rings in it and holds the whole of the Filofax diary.

So now to put the diary to some use:

As this is only personal size, I have to keep my writing really small to fit a lot in the journal side.....it worked at first, but after about a week, I started to ponder on something else.............but that's another story!

All bold font are click on links.

Monday, 11 February 2013

Filofax Swap

Is anyone interested in swapping some Filofaxes?  Last week I did a blog on my collection and I do have a few I no longer use or will use.  Yes I could put them on e-bay, but I will only spend the money on something I don't really want, so I would really like to do a swap if anyone is interested.  

Here is what I have to swap:

Personal Zipped Chilli Cuban, 30mm rings, never used, Boxed.
Personal Raspberry Finsbury, never used, still boxed.
Personal Black Domino.
Personal Electric Blue Domino.
Personal Magenta Metropol, never used, Boxed.
A5 Brown Metropol, boxed.

Day to 2 pages personal sized Filofax Diary, used a few days in January, but that's it, it's just got a lot of space and I don't want to waste it.

Also 2 days to a page Filofax Diary insert.

Midori Travellers Notebook Passport size 
Franklin Covey personal size with large rings
A5 Adelphi
A5 Balmoral 
Winchester ( I wish. lol) 
Midori notebooks
A5 2 Pages per day Diary

But will consider anything, e-mail me at gailwheatley@hotmail.com

Filofax - Month to View

A lot of people are showing their week on 2 page layouts, I would like to share my Month to view layouts in both my A5 Malden and Personal Regency.  

A5 Ochre Malden:  Lots of stickers  for this one.

Personal Brown Regency:  No room for stickers so coloured ink instead.

As you can see, I keep the same info in both:

I love these Monthly spreads, they allow me to see quickly, if I have a free day.

My Main Filofax

The two main Filofaxes I use are, the A5 Ochre Malden, which I keep in the house and a Personal Regency,  I carry around in my hand bag.

A few days ago, I blinged up the A5 Malden household Filofax, I adore this Filofax, it is beautiful, I did a Video blog of it here before the recent update:

Personal Regency in brown:

Both hold a lot of stuff:

The A5 Malden is around 2kg in weight:

Thanks for reading x

Friday, 8 February 2013

2013 Filofax Collection

Anyone want to swap, scroll to bottom?

In July 2012, I did a blog on my Filofax Collection.  Today I would like to show you my updated collection because since then, I have sold two, swapped one, returned one and bought a couple more.  I now have 29 Filofax.

My A5 Collection

My Personal/Pocket/Mini Collection

 Here is a list of what I now own.

A5 Size

1  Black Identity
2  Brown Metropol
3  Brown Cuban
4  Raspberry Chameleon
5  Red Chameleon
6  Pink Finsbury
7  Red Finchley
8  Imperial Purple Finchley
9  Black Holborn
10 Zipped Wine Holborn
11  Ochre Malden
12  Purple Malden
13 Black Flex
14 Red Domino
15 Magenta Flex

1  Zipped Chilli Cuban
2  Brown Ranger
3  Raspbery Finsbury
4  Electric Blue Domino
5  Ochre Malden
6  Brown Regency
7  Crimson Malden
8  Black Domino
9  Black Holborn
10  Magenta Metropol
11  Black Chino
12  Pocket Red Metropol
13  Mini Raspberry Finsbury
14  Black Windsor

I have done some blogs on different Filofax, Just click on each title.

Not all of them are in use these days but a fair few are.  I've also got a couple I would like to swap if anyone is interested?  (UK swappers only, sorry but postal rates are dreadful here in the UK!)  So if anyone is interested in swapping:

Personal Zipped Chilli Cuban, 30mm rings, never used once, still boxed.
Personal Raspberry Finsbury, never used, still boxed.
Personal Crimson Malden, Boxed.
Personal Black Domino.
Personal Electric Blue Domino.
Personal Magenta Metropol, never used, Boxed.
A5 Brown Metropol, boxed.

I also have 2 pages to one day personal sized Filofax Diary, used a few days in January, but that's it, it's just got a lot of space and I don't want to waste it.

Also 2 days to one page Filofax Diary insert.  Swap anyone?

Really after another Midori Travellers Notebook and Franklin Covey personal size with large rings, so if anyone has one they no longer use and want to swap, give me a shout.  Will consider anything!