Monday, 11 February 2013

Filofax - Month to View

A lot of people are showing their week on 2 page layouts, I would like to share my Month to view layouts in both my A5 Malden and Personal Regency.  

A5 Ochre Malden:  Lots of stickers  for this one.

Personal Brown Regency:  No room for stickers so coloured ink instead.

As you can see, I keep the same info in both:

I love these Monthly spreads, they allow me to see quickly, if I have a free day.


  1. I love the monthly spreads too, I put all my appointments and events in there and then check them when I plan my week. I love being able to see the whole month at one glance.

  2. I love Mo2P! So excited to try it out next year!