Tuesday, 26 February 2013

New Daily Journal - The Malden

And so the Daily Journal quandary continues....

I've now come up with this one, A5 Purple Malden.  

I haven't blinged this up with stickers and post it notes, I've simply added my favourite poem... Footprints in the Sand.

A couple of years ago, I bought two packs of the Filofax Time Management day on 2 pages Diary.  I used the first one for that year's journal and it worked well, but I never got round to using the other one. 

I was going to throw it away, after all, how useful is a 2 year old diary, but then I couldn't waste that much paper so I have now put it to use....with the help of a bottle of Tippex Correction Fluid.  All dates and calendars have had a white out and I've added a daily quote to where the calendars were!  It's similar to the Printed Sheets I made, but I can save on ink and paper using these one.

The Malden's 30mm rings can easily accommodate most of the Time Management Diary, I keep the rest in the front inside cover, it gives the floppy cover a bit of stability.

The pens I am using on this journal are these bargain buys, I got yesterday at a shop called Boyes.  They cost £2.99 for 12 and write beautifully.

They have fine points but have no bleed through.

And finally my blinged Page Marker.

Fingers crossed everyone, this is going to be "The Daily Journal" for me. lol


  1. That is the great thing about old diary pages - you can use them for anything you want to :-)

  2. Hi there,
    This looks great. Maybe this will be the one?
    I'm curious though... what happened with the Midori? Are you still using it? How would you rate it? I'm thinking about getting one, but I've never seen one in the flesh... and I saw you had one, but are now not using it and I wondered what you thought of it. Sorry - maybe a bit off topic from this post! A.x

    1. I am still using the Midori, I am using one for tarot card notes and the other is being used for Zentangle drawings, I am really new to them so they not so good at the mo. I do love the Midori, they are different to Filofax, I don't really think you can compare the two.

  3. Footprints in the Sand is one of my faves too :)

  4. Hi,
    I found your blog vis your Youtube video on the Purple A5 Malden filofax. I am trying to find one of these and they seem to be like gold dust. Do you have any suggestions as to where i could track one down. Been googling and site hopping for three days now!
    Many thanks