Thursday, 26 July 2012

A5 Kendal Review

I was having a think about the amount of Filofaxs I own and it's getting a little out of control, so I've decided to sell a couple, this one has just sold but I would like to share a review on it.

A5 Kendal in Brown Oiled Leather.

This is the original box I brought it in.

Waxy Oiled Leather. 
Inside is space to hold 6 credit cards and behind that is a full length pocket, on the back inside cover is space to fit a notebook.  The rings are in perfect condition with no spaces or misalignment.  The Kendal also has 2 elastic pen loops.
The back outside cover has a full length pocket too....ideal to slip your mobile phone in or another note pad.

Just some of the inserts that come with this model.
You've also got 1-6 Dividers and a couple of Note Sheets.

And more inserts.

I think the rings are 30mm and it really does hold a fair bit of stuff.
In the original box. 

So Filofax fans, are you interested?  This one is discontinued now so is getting rarer and rarer!  If you come across it, snap it up. lol

Also thinking of selling my:

A5 Brown Metropol

Personal Domino Electric Blue

Personal Domino Lavender

Personal Domino Black

Personal Metropol Raspberry

If any of them interest you, drop me a line.  Sorry everyone, due to very high postage costs here in England, I can only post in the UK.

EDITED 27 July 2013

A second thought....instead of selling.....would anyone be interested in Swapping?


  1. Hi Gail

    drop me an email at, I'm definitely interested. £40 including postage sounds very fair......