Friday, 24 August 2012

Filofax Accessories

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I have added some stationary to my Pen Organiser this week, not that it really needed anything, but it's always good to have a few more bits and bobs floating about, especially if it enhances the look of your Filofax. 

The white rectangle stickers are from Ryman, I wanted these to cover the A-Z tabs on the Filofax divider tabs...they worked wonderfully.
The Union Jack To Do Lists are from Staples, it is slightly bigger than A5 but I can easy cut a little from the top.
The Arrow Labels are from Wilkinson's, the arrow part is sticky, am sure I will find these useful too.
The Eco-Friendly writing pads are also from Staples and they come with no pre-punched holes. I spent last night punching holes in the margins, I think this is going to be a very good cheap alternative to Filofax paper.
Paper clips are also from Wilkinson's.

Washi tape, I got this from e-bay for a very good price of £1.69 per roll and only 70p p&p for any quantity.   I've seen lots of people use it in their Filofax, so thought it was time to try it. Not sure I'm that keen on it though to be honest!
Martha Stewart Removable Labels, not sure what I will use these for, but you get 100 in a pack so I'm bound to find something I can use them for in my Filofax.
Finally, I have to show you these wonderful pockets with Divider tabs attached.  I got them from Staples from the Martha Stewart range, you get 5 in a pack for less than fiver. 

What is so great about these pockets are they are removable. I have stuck this one on the back of a A5 Filofax Clear pocket, but I can move it around to wherever I need it. 

So all in all, I've had a pretty good week regarding my Stationary finds.
P.S.Just want to apologise about the photo sizes in this blog, I have no idea why, but Blogger would not let me resize any of the photos this evening.  Hope you still enjoy! x


  1. <3 the arrows and to-do list :)

  2. Love those pockets with dividers!!!

  3. I love the clear envelopes/folders with tabs but I think they only come in A5, right?

  4. I love those arrow stickers from Wilko - I use the 'DO THIS' arrow to point to the priorities on my ever-increasing to-do list. I feel a trip to Staple coming on....

  5. Great items, you can never have too much stationary :) I have quite a bit of the Martha Stewart range, including those stickers, must get to staples tomorrow for the clear envelopes with tabs!!

    I've been buying stationary too, bought washi tape, sure I already have some in my scrapbooking stash but bought more anyway lol and some grown up post-it's and a letter writing set.

  6. Really great post. Just got my first filofax and need some cute accessories!

    Jade /