Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Doodle Filofax Competiton

Competition at end of post!

I recently received the Personal Sized Doodle.  This is a compact Filofax and retails at £22.  It comes in a plastic sleeve with some doodle ideas on the front of it.

Out the packaging, you get a Leather affect Organiser with a pleasing to the eye, blue elastic band to keep it altogether.
 The idea of this cover is for you to add your own doodles and drawings.
 The cover is a little stiff at first and does not lie flat straight out the box, but with a little use, I am sure this matter will be resolved fairly quickly.  The inside feels somewhat like suede and is cream in colour.
Ring size 15mm.

So contents wise,

  • Transparent flyleaf
  • Colour front sheet to co-ordinate with organiser
  • 1-6 coloured index
  • To do
  • White ruled notepaper
  • White quadrille notepaper
  • White plain notepaper
  • Blue ruled notepaper
  • Green ruled notepaper
  • Pink ruled notepaper
  • Contacts
  • Frosted ruler/page marker

Please note, the Doodle does not come with a Diary.

The Doodle also does not come with an attached pen holder like most Filofax, with this one you get a pocket holder with a pen loop attached to that.  This gives you scope to put the pen/pencil at the front, back, or even in the middle of your Filofax. And there are some little Spirograph discs, so you can have fun making your own doodles.
I haven't started to use the Doddle yet and to be honest, the thought of drawing on a Filofax just fills me with dread, plus my drawing skills are pretty equal to a 2 year old.  But I had a bit of an epiphany, I am going to find a drawing I like, print it out then trace it onto the Doodle, okay it won't be my work, but it will be of something I like...hopefully.  Or maybe, I could just cover it in diamante bling or stickers.....get creative, put your mind to work, the ideas are endless!

And now the best bit:

To celebrate the launch of the "Doodle" organiser, Filofax are giving you all the chance to win one every month by sending them your doodle design to:

So everyone, get Doodling......


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  2. I like this being a compact Filofax, the problem it's I just suck at drawing LOL

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  5. I love doodling but i'm still not sold on this one just yet!!

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