Saturday, 11 May 2013

Stationary Organisation With My Filofax

Lots of people are into tote organisers for their stationary and Filofaxes, today I want to show you my efforts.  You may remember last August I showed you this post of my own pen organiser.  It's worked well for me, but since then, my stash of stationary as increased a whole lot more.

Earlier this week I bought this Craft Tote bag from The Range. I liked it at first, but it was very heavy when filled and didn't rotate so easy, so after a couple of days I decided I didn't care much for it, so I sold it on.

Then this Handbag Organiser arrived from e-bay a couple of days ago, It's actually quite nice to hold stationary in, and is even big enough to hold my A5 Finchley.

But still, I needed something a bit bigger. This is just some of my stationary items I like to have around me, when I am working in my Filofaxes.

I don't really cart all my stationary and Filofaxes around with me, I sit in the same place,  I thought, I don't need something completely portable, so here is what I have come up with.....and best of all, this organiser cost me NOTHING!  I had everything I needed to make it, right here in my home.  So prepare yourself for a Blue Peter moment!

Ta Dah .....
Yes, every thing you see in the other picture fits snugly inside this home made organiser!

All you need is a shoe box and lot of smaller sized boxes.  I raided the medicine cupboard to get quite a few of my boxes, there's a couple of boxes from tea-bags and my washi tape is inside an old Iphone box.
Top View
I used a couple of tubes to use as separators.
Side View

I used some double sided sticky tape (there's the Blue Peter moment) to fix them all in place and it's actually quite sturdy.  I was going to give it a lick of paint, but as you can see, not much of the smaller inner boxes can be seen when all the pens etc. are in it.

So the handbag Organiser I bought from e-bay is now used as my sticker and sticky label holder. 

And it works just fine.

I keep them all inside this storage container, along with a couple of my Filofaxes.

And if I do need to carry it around, I just lie the Filofaxes flat, pop the lid on and it's completely portable around my house.

I may buy a larger bag to fit these inside, but for now, I am happy enough with this little set up......

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  1. Love this. I've been trying to decide how I want to organize my Filofax items (as compared to my larger/general craft storage).

    And thanks for the rabbit hole I fell down (as American-me had to look up the derivation of the term: Blue Peter moment!!!) THAT was a fun detour!!!

  2. All great ideas.
    So nice to finally find something that works for you :)
    I am still working on mine :)

  3. Great way to use boxes, I'll have to try that! TFS!

  4. Love the Blue Peter moment! Although to truly be BP it should be covered in sticky backed plastic! A good solution and at a good price!

  5. Wow, that looks awesome :) I too have that handbag organiser sitting in the bottom of my wardrobe, think I might have to go rescue it and make it useful :) x P.S. Lovely to know I'm not the only english stationary hoarder here :) x

  6. How creative! Sharing this in my group Southern Charm Planners. I love the free system you developed. Donna

  7. Very clever! I love that everything is at your fingertips and free! Now I have to go Google Blue Peter Moment. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Some really great ideas and affordable too - thank you xx

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