Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Original A5 Filofax

Hello again everyone, have a look at what I received* this afternoon in the post!

The Original A5 Organiser in Fluoro Pink

The Original Key chain in Fluoro Pink

 But first I am going to to a review on The Original A5 Organiser, I haven't seen any reviews on this one yet so I may well be the first one.


No cardboard boxes with this one, in a way, I am pleased, I keep all those boxes and they take up some room, even with personal sized boxes slipped inside the A5 ones.  This Filofax comes with it's own clear dust jacket, which is an ingenious idea when you think of how many people handle them in the shops.

The Colour

This Filofax is a beautiful piece of work.  I opted for pink.....well.....I live in a house full of males and there's not much pink going on, so when I can get something for myself if pink, I go for it. lol  This pink is not for the faint hearted, it's full in your face, Fluorescent Pink.  There's even a notice on the Filofax website, warning you that the Florescent colours may well appear brighter than the photos, and believe me, they are!  But getting a decent photo of this baby is extremely difficult, even with the best natural lighting.  You will notice  in the following pics, it's going to appear from orange and red to bright pink. But this is the nearest colour match I can get using my camera.

The Clasp
A gel type of popper cap, withe the words, Filofax The Original est,1921

Simplicity, gone are the credit card holders, there's just 2 slots you could use for anything, ticket stubs, business cards etc.  A clear fly leaf, covering a Filofax logo page.


A piece of elastic, at first you will wonder what you are going to do with this, but on closer inspection, you will see how useful this is going to be.  Lots of pens maybe, or you could do what I did.......

...and find that my Iphone 5 fits in there perfectly.  

Behind this is a full length pocket, so enough space to add things.

2014 Week on 2 pages vertical format diary in 5 languages.

 Six numbered Dividers in Blue and Green                             Clear ruler and To Do Sheets

 Lined Notepaper,  Quadrille Notepaper and Plain Notepaper.

Blue, Green & Pink Notepaper

Another clear ruler and a zipped envelope.
 July - Dec 2013 Diary.

Contacts, the format is a little different to older contact sheets.

Inside back cover, another full length pocket, I really like these, it means I can add the back cover of a notebook if I need to.  Also a thin notebook, idea for shopping lists etc.

The Original lies flat with no help, it is so supple and flexible and feels amazingly soft and smooth.  It also comes with 25mm rings,  this Organiser is flexible but also quiet sturdy, my only concern is, once those rings are full there is not a lot of room to add those pens and closing it with the press stud is somewhat difficult.  Maybe a longer Strap would surfice?

Plenty of room to fit extra stuff.

The back view with the clear plastic dust cover on it.
Overall this is a lovely Filofax and I can't wait to start using it.  Because it is very minimal inside, no extra bulky pockets or zips, it is actually very light compared to some of the other A5 Filofaxes.  The thick stitching is not only appealing, but looks like it will stand up to day to day usage.

So what do you think, do you like the look of The Original, what colour would you buy?  It comes in:

Fluoro Pink
Fluoro Orange
Patent Purple
Patent Fuchsia
Original Yellow
Standard Green

Leave me feedback and thanks for reading. x

*Disclaimer:  Filofax do not pay me to advertise or review their products. I simply do it because I love their organisers.  Thank you to Jess from Ideas Network, for sending me this Filofax and allowing me to review their products.


  1. Thanks for doing this.I keep saying 'nah' to it, everytime i see it. But i have now got lot's of pro's on it.

  2. Really nice looking. I'm worried though... I owned a Success Choice binder with very similar construction and found it lacked adequate structure in the covers to allow me to write easily in my lap when sitting or in my hand when standing. This eventually became a deal breaker for me.

    But, I might need to buy a green one. I've longed for a classic green filo for ages.

    Really superb post. Makes the binder look fantastic. Filofax should have you do their product presentation!

  3. Thank you both for the lovely comments, I would love to do Product presentation. Someone please let Filofax know I'm here. lol

  4. Thanks for posting all the pictures. It really gives me a better idea of what it's all about. :) Might just have to get one.

  5. Wow, this is gorgeous! Really like the simplicity of it.
    I think I prefer the patent purple, but wonder how well the patent leather would wear over time.

    Great review. How do you feel it compares with your A5 Maldens?

    1. Anita, I think I like it just as much as my Maldens, the Maldens are fab for all their pockets and the luxury leather, but this feels just as good but in a different way. I guess you just have to hold and feel it for yourself to see how lovely it is.

  6. Thorough review, thank you. I want the in your face orange ;)

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  8. It looks fabulous! I love the use of the elastic to hold a phone. Hope to see your decorated Doodle soon!

    1. I'll do a review of the Doodle soon, but the thought of drawing on the cover fills me with dread. I think I may just leave it plain! lol

  9. A great review, thank you. I have one going into my FF basket very soon :-)

  10. I think I'm going to have to get the yellow.

  11. I don't like it at all. There are not enoufh pockets for me, the credit cards slots looks cheap.The only one pro is the nice color! :)

  12. Wow what a great review... I have been contemplating either the buying the original and the Peru. Initially I was leanig towards the Peru but after this review I'm thinking twice.... You pictures and fab and I like that the orginal looks sturdy but from how u describes is still flexiable.

  13. Thanks for the review and pics! I have to admit that I initially thought 'Oh, nonono' when I saw them on Philofaxy, because it had so few card pockets and seemed too floppy ... but I recon that with a card holder full of cards at the back, both problems will be solved! So I have just ordered a patent pink one, I just love the colour and hope the patent shine stands up to a bit of wear. Strange that they have gone for the Flex type jot pad instead of the proper pre punched notepad?

  14. Cracking review. Thank you. I like the simplicity of this binder and if I was after an a5 to use as a notebook for uni etc I might be tempted but I don't see a red one so that's a deal breaker!

  15. Great review! Incredibly helpful in describing the product! I, too, wasn't initially impressed but feel different about the binder now!

  16. I am SO IN LOVE with the original filofaxes! I want a personal size one in either the green or the patent purple colour. It's probably a good thing that they don't seem to be for sale on the american website.. otherwise I might order both colours. Great review

  17. Thanks everyone for the lovely comments, The colour is VERY bright, I have it stood oh my Filofax Shelf and it REALLY stands out. I think in hind sight, I would buy a less brighter colour. lol

  18. I would buy the yellow A5 Originial in the blink of an eye if it was not for the ugly elastic. It would have been much better if it had matched the colour of the filofax. As it is, it stands out as sore thumb which is such a pity because other than that it seems like a very good everyday planner.

  19. Thank you for your excellent review... I already ordered my Fluro Pink, it will be my first A5.

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  21. Thank you for your excellent review... I already ordered my Fluro Pink, it will be my first A5.

  22. Thank you for your excellent review... I already ordered my Fluro Pink, it will be my first A5.

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  24. I was enjoying your review until i noticed you were leaving the card of an expensive shop in the front and back of the filofax - trying to show off about where you shop?? Sad you feel the need to do that.