Monday, 24 June 2013


I've changed my journaling yet again!  Most of you who know me, will see I've had a right dilemma with my Journaling in the past, I've had so many changes. You can read about them here , here and here.  It's a lot isn't it!  

These are some of the journals I have used in the past....
Many notebooks inc. A5Filofax Flex
A5 Purple Malden
A5 Ochre Malden
Then at the beginning of June, I thought, that's it, I need to get a grip on this and decided to use a lovely notebook from Paper chase, this fit snugly in my black Filofax Flex.  I drew a daily grid of what I wanted to fill in and it was working well.  
The Paper Chase grid notebook comes with 300 pages (600 sides), so that's a lot of journaling!  I decided to add some extras to my journals, notes, weekly events, quotes, jokes, fun facts etc.  And I really liked how it was looking.

Then doubt kicked in!  I liked how things were going, but I didn't like the joint daily journaling and scrapbook journal mixing.  I use my past journals to see what I was up to in previous years and I thought, I am going to have to wade through pages and pages to find stuff. So another  journal idea was needed.  This is what I came up with this time.

A set of three B5 Kraft Notebooks from Waterstones.  Each book holds 30 pages (so some months, I am going to have to add another page). 

Again I made my own page templates to fill in each day. This is my daily journal.

So for my scrap booking journal, I went back to using a Martha Stewart Premium Journal (8x10).  This is  bigger than my A5 notebook so I can get a lot more in it.  

First thing I did, was get my Bon Jovi Concert page transferred.
Ticket view
Newspaper review, with my own review underneath.
Then I added a few other bits.  I dedicated this page to my dad. 

This is going to be the "Things I Love" page, it's still a working progress!
All written in shades of green.
Monthly Weather.
hmm, green again, I don't even like Green! lol
And this is the weekly page, I spent hours doing this on Sunday night.  I do one of these every week, it gives me a round up of the week. (Still need to fill in the right hand side).

Last weeks entry in my A5 notebook (I later glued this page into the MS Journal.

This Journal is big enough to hold my Daily Journal in.

See, fit's together nicely!

Now, fingers crossed, this set up will work for me!

Let me know how you journal, what works for you? What things do you add to your own journals?  Please share, I am always looking for new ideas to add to my own books.

P.S. My apologies to anyone who spells Journaling with two L's.  I can never decided which is the correct way! Journaling or Journalling???


  1. Gosh, you have been very busy! I found you via Philofaxy. Sorry but it would have to be the A5 purple malden for me but with my own journaling paper. Pity Filofax stopped the A5 purple but I will track one down one day!

  2. Enjoyed your post. I think it is important to be happy with what you are writing in, otherwise there is nothing to really enjoy doing & you will potentially stop. Speaking from experience here!

  3. I love reading about people journaling.
    I remember when I was pregnant, I used to journal so much on my A5 Balmoral.
    Now I have A5 ochre Malden for home diary and I´ve done Midori Traveller´s Journal hack that I use as my journal. It´s handy. I have these single signatures that are so easy to replace once I´ve done writing on them. Sometimes I get an inspiration to paint or do some scrapbooking or write quotes or whatnot and it´s all fine. My journal, so I figured I can do whatever pleases me. Besides, it keeps the pages interesting.
    I also have made A6 hack from TJ´s and I carry that with my on my tote. In it I have a self made journal and a Moleskine- type notebook. In it I scribble, write grocery lists or random notes. It too is a notebook with collective randomities and it is small enough to be carried in my hand. Very handy and practical.I always need to have a pen and paper at hand.

  4. I'm kinda relieved that I'm not the only one bouncing from one book/technique/system to another. Your notebooks look beautiful though, and I'm inclined to follow suit in ditching my combined effort, and going back to multiple formats.
    Julie is right - not enjoying it means you stop altogether, and I've already missed most of the last month dithering about it. I started writing in my filofax, but am not convinced I can work around the rings.... what a shame, guess that means I have to go shopping!

  5. I adore the way your journal! I love the idea of adding grids for food, health, etc. That reminds you to include bits about that for the day. Beautiful work. Thank you for sharing!

  6. I think 'journaling' (with one L) is the American spelling, and 'journalling' (with two) the British, like 'traveling' and 'travelling'.

  7. Hi Gail, I found you just today and wonder if you are still journaling and blogging? Just am a journal lover and appreciate your creativity!

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