Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A Sticky Note Wall

I seem to have acquired an awful lot of Sticky Notes over the last few years and I like to have a few various sizes and colours in my Filofax.  But while putting some in my A5 Malden last week, I did notice that it made the front very bulky and heavy and I needed "something" to prevent this.  So this is what I come up with.....

A Sticky Note Wall!

I used stiff white card, then laminated it. Double sided sticky tape was put on the back of each Sticky Note pad then it was placed on the laminated card.  I  laminated the card so it would be easier to get the sticky tape off, once the sticky notes were used, then I could replace them with another pad.  I did punch holes in the card but decided against using them.

So instead of using the holes and putting the Sticky Note Wall in the front of the Filofax, I flipped all the contents to the front and placed it in the back.

As you can see, the Wall is just a little smaller than the actual Filofax, but once the pages are flipped back over, the weight of them keeps everything in place and flat.  So when I go to use my Filofax, I just pull the Wall out, use what I need to use then slide it back in place at the back......easy peasy!

This is my Book Journal Filofax (I am really hoping to get a blog done on this one, sometime later in the week).  I don't know if you can see from this picture, but this Filofax as an awful lot of sticky notes in it.

Well, they aren't flash, but it does make life that little bit simpler!


  1. Nice idea. You could also secure them in the pockets, using the method I used here but using a large piece of card rather than a used gift card.

  2. Ohh yes, that's a great idea, thanks Ray! I will do that in my personal Filofax. Better get off to Tescos, Love the blue sticky note colour.

  3. i love post-its as well. one thing i do though is just take about 5 of each size i might use and stick that on my sticky note page. it saves a lot of bulk especially since i don't need or use 25 of them all at once and i have mine handy at home so i can just replenish when necessary

  4. I went from using the Filo Sticky Note accessory to putting them on a transparent fly leaf that can be moved about the binder as needed. I don't have a thick stack of sticky-notes, but can replenish as needed, so it doesn't have to be a complete "stack" of notes, just a few of varying sizes.

  5. I don't use a full stack on the wall either, though it's hard to tell from the pictures. I pulled a few off (about 30 maybe less) and just added them.

  6. Had the same problem and took most of them out, I love your ideas!!