Monday, 2 July 2012

Filofax Puzzle Book

I made this a Filofax Puzzle Book a couple of years ago but thought I would share it with your all now.  It just gives another idea of what Filofax Organisers can be used for.

I enjoy doing Puzzles so wondered if a puzzle book could be made to fit into a Filofax.  I had an A5 lying around unused, so got to work.

First I got myself a Puzzle book from WHSmiths.

Then it was time to take it apart.  First I pulled all the pages out the book, then got my cutter out and sliced off the the raggy edges.

Next for the holes to be punched....this was a daunting task as I didn't have a Filofax hole punch  and there was an awful lot of pages to get through, so I came up with this idea.....hubby's cordless drill ....

It kind of worked, but the holes were a little rough, so I spent the next hour with my single hole puncher, doing it manually.

Lordy be, was I glad when that task was done!  Next to put them into my Filofax.  I used a A5 Metropol in brown.

The finished result:

I think it looks quite smart.  I can imagine sitting on a train or plane journey and pulling this Filofax out, people will think you're been very busy, when in fact, you're doing a relaxing puzzle.

Just want to apologise for the picture quality, I reduced the size of some of the photos so they would upload a bit quicker (like I usually do), but this time I lost a lot of the quality.  Lesson learnt for next time.


  1. When my son was little and went to the beach every summer I made him a looseleaf book full of puzzles and word games. I printed them off the internet, this is MUCH better idea! Getting them all from one book! Wish I'd done that instead!


  2. Great idea, i'm not into puzzles personally but it's another great use for a Filofax :)

  3. You're so clever Gail! I love this idea too!

  4. That is sooo cool! You wouldn't necessarily have to fill up the whole book, either, you could just have a "puzzles" section in a personal A5 (complete with tab to indicate, of course!) and then just put, oh, say ten puzzle pages in at a time. Then they would be there when you're bored, waiting in line, etc! I'm doing it! Thanks for the great idea!

  5. this is such a great idea. I'd like to do this as a section in my filofax (im a one filofax owner!)