Thursday, 12 July 2012

Kieran's Organiser

Last weekend, my 12 year old son Kieran was watching me use my Filofax and said "I wish I had a Filofax!"

Hmmm, I thought....could I bear to part with one of my, absolutely not! lol  Already done that for hubby, but I recalled I had a "Filofax" copy I bought from Argos in 1996, so I dug it out along with my Filofax stash of inserts and we started to put something together.

The binder is just a little wider than the personal size Filofax but it looks the part.

Next, we added some Filofax inserts. Kieran's Bus Pass, Medical Card and Lunch Card, fit in here lovely.  We also added some Sticky labels to the inside front cover.

On the flipside we have more Medical Cards and a Hall pass.  Kieran is Type one Diabetic, so these medical cards are perfect in here.  We also have the registration page, though I'm hoping, if he ever lost it in school, it would be handed in to a teacher.

His first page is a picture of our late German Shepherd Dog, Shadow.  He passed away 2 years ago yesterday and we still miss him very much.  Kieran adored Shadow, so he made this picture of him a little while ago.

This is his planner when he goes back to school in September, as you can see, Kieran has decorated the page marker with stickers.....but what 12 year old doesn't like stickers!
More stickers used to decorate the dividers.

One of his drawings.

We inserted a world map, thought it might come in useful during some lessons.

The back inside cover has a pocket so he's placed his spare stickers in there.

Behind these Sticky labels we have emergency contact information.

Then because this Organiser does not come with a pen holder, we wondered how to attach a pen.  Looking through my pen stash, we found this little pen with a ring on it, they come in packs of four from staples and cost £1.99.  I found a clip and added it to the pen.

As you can see, it hooks onto the rings very nicely.

So this is Kieran's "Filofax! (well almost). I've explained that if he takes good care of this one, then I will buy him a "real" one, or even give him one of my own...I think my personal Chino would be a good one for a student!  I've noticed more and more Filofax users, Children are getting into them too.  Maybe this generation will bring them back like they were in the eighties!  It would be good if Filofax brought out a "student" refill pack!


  1. I think this is great! Good for Kieran (and you!) for being so organised :) He might like the Dodo Acad-Pad mid year diary insert for next year. We also do a calendar year version - full of space for notes and doodles as well as being packed with some interesting and quirky facts. I think he might quite like it!

  2. Lord Dodo, I think you are right, he loves to doodle, so this would be perfect for him.

  3. That's great Gail the perfect organiser for a boy!! :)

  4. How special your son must feel with you setting him up like that. Way to go! That must have been fun for both of you! I'm thinking of getting my sons Filos for Christmas this year.

  5. Awesome! Love the pen on the clip idea...I actually have highlighters that came on same kind of clip but never thought of using it on the rings. Brilliant! Also, another option is they have those pen loops you can buy that are self sticking and the loop is elastic so any size pen/marker would fit. You would just stick it to the back cover and you'd also have a pen holder.

  6. I'm hoping to get an academic Filofax for my 11 year old nephew who starts senior school this September. You can never start being organsied too young! I hope my sister isn't reading this.....

  7. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. My son's school provide him with a spiral bound organiser, it's really small and though the info inside is very good, it's just really too small to write much in and things can't be moved around like in a Filofax.

  8. I agree RE: the student refill pack! I was most disappointed to learn that this year's Wo2P in Cotton Cream doesn't come with the course record or schedule sheets that were in last year's white Wo2P. Come on, Filofax; get with the programme!