Tuesday, 3 July 2012

My Collection

Thought I would do a little update on my Filofax List.  As of the end of June 2012, I have 25.

And I still don't own a A4 sized one.

1. Identity Black     2. Metropol Brown     3. Kendal Brown
4. Cuban Brown     5. Holborn Black        6. Malden Ochre
7. Domino Red      8. Chameleon Red      9. Chameleon Rasperry
10. Finsbury Pink     11. Flex Magenta

12. Domino Violet         13. Domino Electric Blue         14.Domino Black
15.Malden Ochre          16.Malden Crimson                17. Finsbury Raspberry 
18. Metropol Raspberry       19. Chino Black              20. Classic Brown
21. Ranger Brown         22. Holborn Black                              

23. Metropol Red          24. Windsor Black

Finsbury Raspberry

Most expensive - A5 Malden Ochre £105 from The Pen Shop
Least Expensive - Mini Finsbury - 99p from e-bay

A5 Collection

Flat View

Personal / Pocket / Mini Collection

Flat View


My favourite....can't deciede between the Malden or Holborn.....if only they did the Holborn with the Malden Ochre Leather......sigh.....I can dream!


  1. I know what you mean about the Holborn with Malden leather! That would be my DREAM filofax!!! Do you still have the sleeve-box that your A5 Malden came in? Look at the picture of the opened filofax in the circle, top-left corner of the box, and you can see that the layout of the pockets of the Malden looks more like the pockets of the Cuban/Holborn! I wonder if this was the prototype of the Malden? I wish they really had made the Malden like this, because I much prefer the layout of the pockets in the Holborn than the Malden!

  2. Wow, yeah you are so right, I wonder what happened there, I've never noticed that before! I love the Holborn for all those deep pockets, you can easily slide a notebook or two in there. I do like the Holborn leather, but to have it done in the Malden would be lush!

  3. Oh and 35-40mm rings too....dream come true!

  4. I'm new to Holborn, have two A5 Zip in Wine and Brown and i've yet to try Malden, but hoping to very soon :)

  5. Wow this collection looks amazing in these photos such fab colours :) Lx

  6. Thanks for sharing your amazing collection! I'm a Malden fan, but think the Holborn could come a close second :)

  7. Fabulous! I'm sure you wouldn't, BUT, if you ever want to sell your Ranger please contact me at cherylbalmas@yahoo.com. I've been searching for one for months and found a few on UK ebay but they looked pretty tired and worn. Yours is a beauty! But I do live in the USA. So, if you never plan to sell it but have any ideas where I might track one down I'd love it! Thanks!

  8. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments.

    Cheryl, I got my Ranger from e-bay for less than £10, I keep seeing them pop up on there, maybe you could try the UK e-bay, you may hit lucky. Unfortuatly I have just gifted mine to my hubby. I blogged about it here: http://gailwheatley.blogspot.co.uk/2012/06/hubbys-filofax-ranger-most-of-you-may.html

    But if I plan to sell, I'll give you a shout!

  9. Wonderful collection. Soon enough you'll have more Filofaxes than ebooks. LOL.

    Have you consider yet to make a Filofax-of-Filofaxes similar to your Filofax-of-books? Do you know of someone who has it already?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist! :-)

  10. Amazing collection! One day I hope to have a collection like your's! I just started my blog and only own two filofaxes at the moment, but jsut wait ;) You're right, that would be the perfect Filofax. I really really badly want a Malden, just need to save up a bit to get one but I can't wait for it when I do :D! xx

  11. hey! where did you buy your filo-fax's? they are sooooo pretty and what you do with them is amazing! i'm so inspired by what you do and i really want to start doing something similar but i cant find a filo-fax anywhere, its ridiculous!
    any suggestions?