Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Personal Zipped Holborn

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Just a quick note to say A5 Kendal sale/swap here.

After seeing lots and lots of Filofax blogs about the Personal Zipped Holborn in wine, I decided to phone City Organiser and order myself one and because I used Philofaxy's 10% discount code, I got it for £55.....fantastic!  Even better, I ordered it at 2:30pm on the Friday afternoon and it came the following morning.  Now, how's that for service!

The lovely black box

Inside was a 2012 diary and a free Sunchie Ball Pen.

Behind the tissue.....A thing of beauty!  Notice the lovely leather tab on the zip.
 An outside pocket.

The inside....I noticed right away this wasn't going to lie flat without some training.

Then I saw the rings.........

And noticed if I try to lie it flat, it puckers really bad in the corners and forces the rings to open further!

I've wanted this Filofax so much, I thought, can I live with this, would I be able to fix it myself?  Then I saw the back cover.... OMG!  Look at those creases!  Believe me, they were a lot worse than the photo shows.

So to continue with the rest of the review.....This is the back pocket, inside there, is a zipped compartment too.

Overall, this is a lovely Filofax and I was in two minds whether to keep it or not, but there were just too many niggles with it. I've read a few blogs where other people have had problems with the zipped Holborn too, so I thought best to send it back and get something else instead!


  1. Wow - you don't expect that kind of quality for that amount of money! That's disgraceful; Filofax should be ashamed that that one got through quality control. Bet you are gutted!

    I would say though that I ordered a Filofax from CO and it arrived with rusty rings (see my blog). I emailed them and they sent me another one out the same day, before receiving the faulty one back from me. Their customer service is excellent. Worry not!

  2. Get the wine without the zip. It's stunning and has none of the creasing/opening ring problems!

  3. Oh, what a shame as it's such a lovely filofax :(
    I considered having a a look at one of these when I visited CO, but as soon as I clapped eyes on my purple Malden that was it...
    I've recently had some faulty filos & am just glad my one is perfect.

  4. Oh no what a shame, mine's fine, hope it stays this way, i've never had a problem returning one so if it does develop ring problems i'm sure there will be no issue sending it back.

  5. My A5 Zipped Holborn is absolutely fine as well, I was so relieved and I absolutely love it. I think there have been some very bad batches of FF's lately. Just had to return the zipped pocket purple Malden I finally decided to buy as it just didn't look right. It's a shame they don't have a zipped pocket Holborn (in wine of course to match my A5) as I would love one of those, although I noticed the pocket Holborn doesn't have a zip inside like my A5 does so maybe it wouldn't be quite the same.
    I hope you have better luck with whatever you choose to replace it! :) x

  6. That's a shame. Closed it looks such a lovely planner... but that puckering is just too.... puckered!
    I was hoping for one for Christmas. May need to rethink my plans!

  7. How frustrating. Will you be asking for a replacement of the exact model or will you try something different?

  8. Ok, this is not the first time I've read someone had to return an item to CO. First, shame on Filofax-this should have never left the factory! Second, doesn't CO check the binders before they mail them? I mean, its great they offer a discount and ship so fast but it takes like 2 minutes to review the binder before its shipped--like check the rings, make sure the zipper works, make sure there are no flaws like puckers or scratches in the leather. I just don't get it! What has happened to quality? This is not the first time I've read someone got a defective Filo from either Filofax, CO or Pens and Leather. Hope your next one works out for you!!! :)

  9. I agree Cheryl, I can understand they are very busy, but don't they realise how heartbreaking it is for us customers, to find a brand new Filofax in that condition. I must admit, once I phoned CO to report it, they issued me with a brand new one the same day and, even sent a returns envelope for me to return the broken one. And I got the new Filofax the very next day.

    I ordered the next size up, the A5 and it arrived in beautiful condition...but CO checked this one while I was on the phone to them.