Friday, 20 July 2012

Scruffy Personal Classic.....Sorted!

Dreadful isn't it!

Yes this is my Personal Classic after only a few months of use:

I was pretty upset when all the creases started to appear, especially as I really take care of all my Filofaxes.  On closer inspection, it looks like the leather has a plastic type coating over it, and it was pealing away.  I didn't want to use any cleaner on it, in case it made it worse or discoloured the leather.

Last week, I was reading someones blog and they were talking about their Classic doing something similar, made me wonder if this was a fault with the Classics?  So I e-mailed Filofax UK, who promptly got back in touch, telling me to return it free post to them.  Tuesday, I posted it off and got a call from them on Thursday saying they would replace it with another Classic in Black or Chilli.  I told them I wasn't really happy with the Organiser because of what's happened, so they said I could have an Ochid Aston.  Well it's a nice organiser but I wasn't sure on it to be honest, so the lovely Filofax lady said, I could choose any I wanted up to the price of the Classic, which is £80.  I informed her I would have to phone her back, a decision like that can not be made lightly! lol

So I spent 4 hours last night toying with the Aston (after all, it does come with cotton cream inserts) and a Blue A5 Finsbury .  I so badly wanted the Personal Purple Malden, but Filofax UK don't have it?  Then I decided the Personal Zipped Holborn would be ideal, but that too is out of stock.  I went to bed with a huge headache after staring at the screen for too long and still not sure what I was going to get...though the Orchid Aston was in the lead by this time.

This morning I looked again on the net and suddenly thought....why not get something I really want and just add the extra money!  Duh!  So within minutes I had ordered This little beauty!  The A5  Holborn in wine.  I only had to pay £15 towards the cost, which I'm really pleased roll on next week when it gets delivered.  I already own the A5 Black Holborn and adore all those extra pockets.  Not sure what I am going to use it for just yet, but I am sure I will come up with something!

The service I have received from Filofax is second to none.  If any of  you have a damaged Filofax, it  really is worth contacting them, to see if anything can be done about it.  You just never know!   I had this Classic sat on a shelf for the last few months, I'm just pleased I didn't throw it away now!
Thanks Filofax


  1. I got the Holborn Personal in Wine yesterday and it's perfect, i love everything about it!!

  2. Hiya Clareio, what I didn't mention in the blog was I also ordered a personal Zipped Holborn in Wine from City Organiser. I am praying it will get delivered today though, I think it's unlikely when I only ordered it yesterday!

  3. I am continually amazed by the tales of wonderful service from Filofax UK. Unfortunately, I live in the US and the service here is AWFUL! I had ring problems with one (rings didn't meet) and another had all the color fade off after a couple of months. Filofax US refused to even discuss the color fading...basicaly said "tough luck, it happens". For the rings problem they offered 10% off my next purchase -- like I'd ever purchase anything from them again! Fortunately, I found Pens and Leather (love, love, love!) and have successfully purchased 2 filos from them, which arrived in record time, in pristine condition.

  4. Awahh that is really bad to hear, Filofax USA are just hurting themselves in the long run...maybe an e-mail to Filofax UK explaining their shocking customer service might help things a bit.