Monday, 20 August 2012

30 Days of Lists Filofax

Hey everyone

Am sure by now you will have heard of Imy & Kate's Facebook group, 30 Days of Lists.  Every month a selected person will produce a list of 30 or 31 topics for us to write about.  This is open to all Philofaxy users and gives some of us, another excuse to get a Filofax. lol

So the big question is, which Filofax are you going to use for this project?

First I was going to use my daily Personal Holborn, but it's heavy enough in my handbag without adding more pages, so I decided to use my A5 Finchley.....I am really loving this Filofax right now, it's so soft and supple but firm at the same time.  I am using it as my 365 Day Journal at the moment and I think, I can just about squeeze a few more pages in there.  The pretty divider on the left is a home made divider to separate the Journal from the Lists.

I've printed the September List onto card and added a September sticker (similar to the ones I made here ) to the tab.  Hopefully you can see the list, but if you can't, you can find it on the Facebook page.

Next question was, do I use a full page for each day?  Well that would be ideal but the A5 Finchley only comes with 25mm rings and they are pretty full up all ready, I really needed to keep this to a minimum, so I created this layout, I can now get 4 days to a sheet instead of 2.

I don't use stickers that much in my Filofax, even though I have a small mountain of them, so I thought, this is a fun project, why not add some fun stickers!  Notice I haven't put numbers down the sides of the paper, this is so I can use different styles styles, ie..huge bubble letters if the list is small or tiny writing if the list is longer, maybe even use different pens, ie...chunky felt tips, crayons or even water colour paints....who knows!

Really looking forward to getting started with this now though.....and I would love to see what Filofax you are using and what ideas you have come up with to write your own lists!


  1. Using a Filofax is really awesome, and the color you chose is beautiful. Are you participating in 30 Days of Lists ( or is this only through the Facebook group?

    30 Days of Lists starts September first and we have plenty of giveaways, opportunities to have your lists highlighted, and an awesome community. This is the fourth time we've hosted the semi-annual challenge and welcome you to join us

  2. Hiya Campfire Chic, I am also taking part your 30 days of lists too.
    The Facebook one was set up by Filofax users and will be running through out the year. So I have plenty of lists to be working through next month!

  3. Hi Gail
    I think your A5 Malden is magnificent you've packed so much in it. I also like very much the Purple Finchely. I own a Crimson Personal size Filo I find that the zip pull does make a bit of a bump on the left hand side when writing have you found this on your A5?

    1. Thanks Anthony, yes I find it is bumpy but I tend to use the writing pad outside the Filofax then just add the sheet to where it is needed.