Friday, 3 August 2012

Cuban Personal Zip

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A few days ago I was listening to Ray Blake's Pod cast, It is really interesting, I suggest you check it out.  Ray talks about the Personal Cuban Zip Filofax, but what caught my attention was the 30mm rings.....that's right 30mm in a Personal size Filofax and better still, the Filofax Shop at Neal Street in London, had it on sale.  Again I got the Wanties!  I already have a Saddle Brown A5 Cuban so opted for Chilli.

Isn't it just beautiful!  On the front is the Filofax logo, under which is a full pocket with a magnetic closure.

On the inside behind the credit card holders, is another full length pocket,

Next to that is a full length zipped pocket.

Unfortunatly this Filofax does not lie flat and I think it may take some training to get it anywhere near flat.

The inside back cover has a flap to slide in loose notes or a notebook maybe....but just look at those awesome 30mm rings.

There's also two pen loops so room enough to put pens but more could be added as this Filofax zips up so you won't lose anything.  I'm looking forward to using this, but can't get started on it yet as the wrong Diary was sent.....but as you can see from those rings, it could easily take a page to a day Diary.


  1. Thanks for the podcast mention. Appreciate it. I really like this binder, too.

  2. Are the binders still on offer do you know? I'm thinking of moving back into a personal and the large ring size is very tempting!

  3. Wow what a great Filofax!! :)

  4. Your Welcome Ray.

    I only ordered it yesterday Alison so I would think the offer is still on.

    Thanks Alison, it is lovely.

  5. No longer available here in the US. They had a sale on them last Christmas 2011, and I was able to get one then. They are as great as Gail says they are!