Friday, 3 August 2012

Personal... Day to 2 Pages Diary

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To go with my new Cuban Personal Zip Filofax, I ordered a set of inserts and some Diaries.  I got: a Complimentary Pack, 2013 Month on 2 pages Diary, Jan - Dec Index Dividers and what should of been a 2 Days to a Page Diary.

But a One Day on Two Pages Diary was sent instead.

At £20.50 it doesn't come cheap, no wonder I nearly passed out when I read the receipt. lol  But you do get a lot for your money.  Just look at how thick this Diary is, just over 3cm!

I think even the 30mm rings of the Cuban zip is going to struggle with that little lot. lol

It looks a lovely set up, but I don't think my life would be busy enough to ever fill it.  I noticed it's not on Filofax UK, so I thought I would share it with you all in case you fancied buying one yourself. 

The Ref No. is 6841713.  I don't want to open it  (well I do really but can't), I am hoping it can be returned for the one I actually ordered..... 2 Days per Page Diary (and a refund. lol)


  1. Oooo I so want the day on 2 pages diary, i don't know if i could fill it but i want it :/ hmm

  2. Only put in say 4 months at a time then! That will fit.. I've had two full diary inserts in my Cuban Zip but only two week on two page inserts! One as a planner the other as a journal.


  3. I'd love day on two pages, where did you get it from? Like Steve say's i'd probably just put in a few months at a time :)

  4. It's a good idea, putting a few months at a time in, I could get 6 months in the Cuban as the rings are so big, but I don't think I would fill it.

    Alison, it's from the Neal Street Filofax shop hun.

    1. Thanks, I did realise once I looked back at the photo's doh .......

  5. i love these inserts. i use mo2p for long term, and cc wo2p as the main appts/todos. i was really intrigued by these pages and bought them but didn't really need them in the way that i thought (cc wo2p is the right amount of space for me right now) but i really like them for some reason and wanted so very badly to use them. after a couple of trials, i decided to use it to keep track of what i do on a daily basis so i can feel accomplished and/or figure out what my lag habits are. i write what i do on the hourly section and any major tasks that i do i put in the "actions" (clean the bathroom!) i use the note section for my animal spirit and i've also started doodling in there, so i guess these have tunred into my mental health pages. hey, it works and i look forward to writing in them every day. oh btw i use a compact luxe and i put in a week's worth at a time (apr-dec in mo2p and 2.5 months of the cotton creams)

  6. I noticed they were going to be selling these. I got a diary that had one of those advertising pages in it with pictures of diary inserts that you 'must order now for next year'. I looked for the two pages per day insert on the Filofax website and they weren't on there so I thought they'd decided not to bother making them. Obviously not! Aren't they weird by not putting them on the website...

  7. I really like the idea of the 2 page a day ones but my little personal organiser just wouldnt cope with it, plus I too would never fill the pages (although I am a sticker fiend!!) I wouldnt like to just put a few months in as I'm so scatty I need my entire year with me! haha!

    Jerra :)

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