Friday, 10 August 2012

Spiritual Malden Filofax

Warning! Picture Heavy Post!

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I've decided to use my A5 Purple Malden as my Spiritual Filofax.  Purple is a spiritual colour so it's very fitting.  I started developing my spiritual abilities about 12 years ago, but stopped a few years later when I returned to College to study various topics....Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Swedish Body Massage, Counselling then Teaching!  A few months ago, I thought the time was right to "open" back up again.
So the inside cover....lots going on!  On the left..... a couple of Quotes I like, these go in the pockets, I just pulled them out to show you what they are.  Then the little circles are magnetic page markers and next to them is my favourite poem... "Footprints In The Sand."  On the right are some notes and more page markers I made.

I use  the Credit Card Pockets to hold some more quotes I have, the clear flyleaf holds a protection prayer I sometimes use and some sticky notes.

A folder so I can add bits, this one holds some info on Chakras and some prayer cards I got free, from Durham Cathedral, which is near where I live.

A month on 2 page view diary I printed from Philofaxy. (Thanks everyone from Philofaxy, for all the work you put into the free printables for us).

Then my divider topics....I made these myself, I found some nice pics from the Internet, added the words, printed and laminated then cut holes.  Wish I had made the pics a little bigger now, or kept the borders on so you couldn't see through the plastic....oh well!

Spirit Communication



I write down what my meditations are about because I forgot most of them, sometimes I will draw a pic, but I am a dreadful artist so it doesn't happen often. lol

This one has my favourite spiritual quote: We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.

These are notes on the readings I have had done by other Mediums. 
Spiritual Experiences...
I've had quite a few over the last few of them for example, an elderly family friend was in hospital, she loved hearing about my "spiritual side" and was a believer herself.  One night I dreamt she had passed away, she came to me and said, "Just letting you know I'm going now Gail, goodbye!"  Nothing profound, just a simple message.  As soon as I woke, I jumped out of bed and phoned the hospital to see how she was doing, they told me she had passed away the evening before!!!

Death & Dying...
Okay you might think I am very morbid, but this subject fascinates me!  I even enrolled on an Open University Course but had to drop out at the last minute, but I am hoping to do it again next year.

I love Angels, the amount of Angel cards and books I own is unreal. lol

Near Death & Out Of Body Experiences

I am a Reiki Master but haven't practised in a while, I am qualified to give actual Reiki attunements too.  Reiki is a healing energy, you can find out more Here.

This page was taken from an Organiser I got in 1996, I used it briefly in 2001 for my Spiritual stuff. A few weeks ago, I gave it to my son, (we blogged about it here.). I use Protection Prayers before meditations or any spiritual communication.

The Second part of my Spiritual Filofax is dedicated to a book I am working through called The Magic by Rhonda Byrne.  It's about manifesting things into your life and I am happy to tell you, it does actually work!  I wanted a A5 Ochre Malden and by thinking I already had it, I actually got one.....I blogged about it here.

Finally, My Psycards.  I love these cards, they are so easy to use, I had a professional reading done with them 18 months ago and they were spot on.  I since brought some of my own and I love them.  The holder is a cheap 99p clear pencil case from Staples, I punched holes in it, it fits in the Filofax lovely and can hold the cards and the book together.

Side heaven! lol

My A5 Spiritual Malden Filofax with matching purple Filofax pen.

So that's my Spiritual Filofax. I know some of you will think working with Spirit is wrong or you might not even believe in life after death, but for me, it's my way of thinking and has helped me through the death of loved ones.  Now I can combine it with my Filofax is just an added bonus.


  1. What a great post and a wonderful idea! I've been trying to incorporate things like this is mine but it's been so haphazard - I think making a separate book is brilliant!

    I totally enjoyed this post and all your pictures!

  2. Awahh, thank you Tracy, I really appreciate your lovely comments. The Malden holds so much, you can fit loads into it, so all the topics are under one place.x

  3. I enjoyed reading about your purple Filofax Gail. I've just read The Secret and The Power by Rhonda Byrne. I've also just been reading a few angel books I've picked up in the local bookshops. Purple strikes me as a very spiritual but also strong colour. Glad you are enjoying your new Malden.If you have a prayer circle for others.... then please add me in. I could do with finding a new job, and some upliftment in my life!!! I pray for others too BTW myself!!!!!

  4. Thanks for a great post Gail. That's one of the most inspired uses for a Filofax that I've seen.

  5. I don't have a Prayer Circle Jane, I used to have a healing list when I was doing the Reiki and would send distant Reiki to others.

    Thanks Gerard, I try and put my Filofaxs to good use.