Friday, 7 September 2012

My Filofax Uses Part 1

My Filofax collection has grown a little  since my last  Collection update, even though I have sold 2, I bought a few more, so now I own 27.  Not all of them have a use, many,mostly the personal sized ones, are just sat on my Filofax shelf doing nothing, a couple I use for storage.   But I do have a few in use, so I decided to show you the ones that get used on a weekly to fortnightly basis.  I have broken the blog into three parts so it should not take as long to upload all the pictures.

Top row: Left to right
A5 Ochre Malden
A5 Purple Malden
A5 Pink Finsbury

Middle Row:
A5 Raspberry Chameleon
A5 Black Holborn
A5 Red Chameleon

Bottom Row:
A5 Imperial Purple Finchley
A5 Magenta Flex
Personal Black Holborn

There are a few that I have already done a blog on, I will add the link (click on the bold words), so you can read more about that Filofax, should you wish to.

So first up is the A5 Ochre Malden, I also did a recent Video Blog about this one here: 
The Malden is a beautiful Filofax, although it can be a little floppy, it holds a lot of stuff on those 30mm rings.

My front cover and dashboard.
My Diary.

A5 Purple Malden. I use this one as my Spiritual Journal.

This one holds a lot of topics.

I use a lot of homemade dividers in this one too.

A5 Pink Finsbury. My Book Journal. I update this one fortnightly.

I use my Book journal in connection with my Amazon Kindle, so I don't forget what I own or have read.
A lot of the pages in this Filofax are home made or edited from other readers formats.

I hope you enjoy the first part of this blog, part 2 coming up.  If you would like to ask me anything, please feel free.

Thanks. x

Part 2
Part 3


  1. What a fascinating series of posts, thank you! I find it inspiring to see how a multi-filofax set-up can work; it's something I aspire to :) I really enjoyed your video about your Ochre Malden too - I've watched it three times now - so many ideas and things to try! But now I want a Malden too! I probably should post this on the video comments, sorry, but I especially love your fold-out monthly calendar - definitely something I want to try, although I doubt I can match your excellent template! Anyway, really, all I can say is wow, and thank you!

  2. Concur with all of the above! Nice post! Great ideas; thanks for sharing!