Friday, 7 September 2012

My Filofax Uses Part 2

Hello again, here is part 2 of My Filofax Uses blog, you can read part 1 here.


Top row: Left to right
A5 Ochre Malden
A5 Purple Malden
A5 Pink Finsbury

Middle Row:
A5 Raspberry Chameleon
A5 Black Holborn
A5 Red Chameleon

Bottom Row:
A5 Imperial Purple Finchley
A5 Magenta Flex
Personal Black Holborn

A5 Raspberry Chameleon, this is my Goddess Workbook Filofax.  

The Goddess Workbook is available to download from here
It cost approx £6 ($10) and it is beautiful.  There is a planner included too.  It is meant to be printed on A4 size paper, but I changed the printer settings so it would print 2 views to a page, so it would fit inside my Filofax.

Lovely isn't it! This is the planner, but because of the format, I have to use it from the side.

A5 Black Holborn.  This my Memory Journal.  I must do a blog about this sometime.  In this journal, I have lots of questions and answers about my past, especially my childhood.

I fill this journal in when I want a trip down memory lane, or if I suddenly recall a childhood memory.. 
I have old childhood photos and the tickets from when I went to see Bon Jovi (my favourite group)in 2000.

I really look forward to reading this journal in years to come and to read about my younger self.

Next is my A5 Red Chameleon.  This is the Filofax I use for my blog.

I only started my blog in June 2012, but already this filofaxis filling up fast.

When I've published a new blog, I copy and paste the  post onto a Word document, I then reduce the size of the pictures and print it out.  It's there as a hard copy for myself, if I should need it.

So that's part 2 completed.  I hope you've enjoyed reading and part 3 will follow shortly.  If you have any questions about my Filofaxs, please leave me a comment.




  1. Gail, I love the blog Filofax idea.

    1. Thanks Ray, it's filling in really

  2. BON JOVI!! :D my favourites too :)

    1. All I can say Laura, is you have great taste in music! lol

  3. The blog filofax idea is really cool!

  4. Hi. I'm a planner newbie. I would very much like a copy of your 100 Benefits of Journaling. Where did you get it?
    Donna (in Texas)