Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Filofax & Crochet

I have noticed a lot of people who use Filofax and other Organisers are really crafty, so I just want to show a couple of projects I have done.  I enjoy Crochet, I taught myself 3 years ago, just after my dad passed away, using a good instruction booklet and watching some YouTube videos. 

This is Grandpa Jo and Granny Flo, posing with my every day Filofax, the Personal Regency in brown.  I blogged here and here about it.
I named them after my grandparents, John & Florance.

I did have a Crochet Filofax but needed the organiser for something else, mmm.....maybe an excuse to buy another one. lol

This is my biggest project to date, I completed it a couple of months ago and at 144 Squares, it took me around 100 hours to complete using 45 shades of wool, all of which I had noted in my Filofax, so I didn't forget which ones I used or already bought! 

Yes, the bunting above my King sized bed is Crocheted too.

So are you crafty,  which ones do you do? 

Leave me comments, I love to read what you think!


  1. I LOVE your blanket AND the star bunting, I have real problems finding brightly coloured yarn for reasonable prices, I am in the process of finishing a baby car seat blanket (about 40x40cm) and my next project was a black red and grey ripple blanket...... until I decided crochet needs to be a part of my wedding and therefore the blanket has been pushed down the list to be replaced by 90 tiny crochet hearts and, if i decide I have time/willpower left, a shawl.

    I keep thinking about a crochet filofax but i don't bother recording anything crochet related I just kind of work at it when I have time

  2. Thanks Clareio, I mainly used Stylecraft special yarn, it varies in price but on average cost around £1.50. You can get it online cheep too and they ship around the world. I love the sound of the hearts, please share pics when you have them done!

  3. A lot of people seem to use stylecraft, I'm very good at buying yarn as I see it and not very good at ordering online, i think i might start using stylecraft once i've got rid of a bit of my current stash (mostly because I think I might get banned from buying any ever if i get any more) I have just posted one of the hearts but not in context at all, theyre so cute, at the moment i'm not daunted by the fact I need to make 90... but I think I might be soon!!!

  4. LOVE the stars!! I am a crochet person too - currently doing a join as you go patchwork like the one in your photo. My biggest project has to be a patchwork blanket of different crochet stitches - it looks more complex that it is though.

  5. I knit mainly, but I'm crocheting a blanket, very slowly, a bit at a time.

    I am a potter for my day job. I make buttons, jewellery, and small bowls.

    The knitting and at the moment the crochet is great as I can just turn the brain of and just get on with it.

    That blanket is great.


  6. Wow so talented :-) Is it easier to learn to knit or to learn to crochet? I have to knit a scarf, but am considering changing my challenge to crochet instead. (Bearing in mind I am probably one of the most unco-ordinated people in the world and will no doubt spend half my time looking like the cat who found the yarn basket...)

    1. Gosh, I learned how to knit some 40 years ago, so it's second nature to me now. Crochet, I only do blanket stuff, nothing complicated.
      Knitting I think is more adaptable to garments, socks, and shawls, but possibly an expert crocheter would disagree with me.

      Knitting is two stitches, and if you can do those, then the rest is just a variation on those two.


  7. I can knit, sort of, but I'm more of a cross stitch girl. Patterns to follow, cottons to collect - I have a section in my planner that lists all the colours in the main ranges, and a rough stocktake of what I have, plus lists of colours needed for specific projects.

  8. I used to knit and crochet, still do it for my daughter occasionally. I sew for my daughter too. Love crochetting more than knitting! Love your crochetting couple! They are cute!

  9. Wooooow, What a lovely bed cover :) Jo and Flo was great too :) I haven't knitted for maaaany years, but I was serious thinking about to start again :) and maybe learn how to crochet:)

  10. Jo and Flo are fabulous, you're a talented crocheter. I taught myself to crochet from YouTube videos but I'm not brilliant at it. I'm currently crocheting a blanket similar to yours. I knit too, I'm a little better at that than I am crochet.

  11. Love your crocheted couple. I crochet, too, am now working on a simple ripple afghan for my son. I enjoy amigurumi crochet, as well. Scrapbooking is probably my biggest hobby in terms of supplies and expense, but I can see filofaxes and planners on the horizon, too!