Friday, 6 September 2013

A5 Calipso Filofax

Jess from Ideas Network, sent me this lovely A5 Calipso to review this week.

This a a beautiful leather organiser, which has a lovely squishy feel to it and retails at £90.

The closure is mock crocodile leather.

Inside is one full length pocket with 6 credit card pockets on the left.  It also has an elasticised pen loop in matching colour.

It comes with pale blue and green dividers, numbered 1-6

To do and White lined paper.

Grid and Plain notepaper.

Contacts and Blue Notepaper.

 Green and Pink Notepaper.

The remainder of this year's Week on two Page Diary and a clear Page marker.

Personal Info

Week on 2 page 2014 Diary

Clear plastic zipped wallet.

The back has a full length zipped Pocket.
The A5 Calipso is a lovely Organiser.  Compared to some of the other organisers in the same price range, this is a lovely simple piece. Simple lines and not a lot of pockets, but just enough to keep you happy.

It has 25mm rings which is the same as my A5 Finchley, but it does not seem to hold as much......

.... the reason why this is, is the small closure strap.  It's not very long, so this stops you from putting lots in it.  You can see from the picture below that it is causing a bit of a warping effect.  Maybe Filofax could address this little problem for future organisers.

But overall, this is a beautiful Filofax, the colour is a lovely pink, much nicer than the Fluro Original.

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  1. I have the same issue with my A5 Calipso bowing too. I do love the color and overall usability though. The fact that you cannot stuff it forces me to ruthlessly cull, archive, and store anything I'm not using at the minute.