Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hubby's Filofax Ranger

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Most of you may have already read this little post on Philofaxy, but I wanted to show you some pics to go with it.

My hubby is a truck driver and a few weeks ago while sorting his bag out for him, I noticed his driving license and digital tachocard along with his agency cards and site passes were stuffed into a worn envelope.....que....would a Filofax work for him?
So I looked among my little collection of 21 and found the Personal Ranger would be just perfect for him.
Filofax Ranger

Spent an hour or so putting inserts into it, adding address of all the various companies he worked for and using a double sided card holder for his driving licenses and digicards etc.

Lots of pockets for credit sized cards etc.  Behind the card holder on the left is another pocket which holds his Driving License counterpart.

I threw a handful of coins in the front zipped pocket for the coffee machines and presented it to hubby.

A zipped section for coins

Lots of room for Notes and Receipts

He LOVED it! He's a real man's man so I thought he might be a bit iffy carrying a Filofax, but now when he goes for job interviews or stops at truck stops, outcomes the Filofax cos it has everything in there he needs. He uses the Diary pages to write out what job he does, hours worked that day, where he has been and who he worked for. 

He has strict working time regulations so needs to keep an eye on things.

At the back behind the notebook is another pocket, in which he keeps a CV. so if he ever needs to fill an application form in while onsite, he's got all his past school/work history at hand.

Another pocket

                                                                         And yet another pocket.

He's said he's had a few positive comments on it too and because it's a Ranger, it looked rugged....a bit like him. lol

Filofax Ranger with Original Box

It just goes to show a Filofax can be used for anything!


  1. That's a great story Gail, wish I could get my hubby into filofax, but he's not interested at all, i've managed to get my eldest son using one, and my daughter uses one, now I just have to find some bargains as my three little boys want one too!! :)

  2. When I first got into them Alison, I had a replica organiser I bought from Argos years ago, so I gave my youngest that one. He liked to carry it around to doodle in. Oldest son is 19 and at college, has never shown any interest in them...yet!

  3. I was surprised my son was to be honest, he's dyslexic and hates writing but he's been busy putting all his details etc in it, i'm really pleased, not sure if he'll continue, but I hope so :)

  4. Awahh that's great, I think Children feel proud using one, my son carried his all over, now and again he still pulls it out to use.

  5. I'm so glad that you posted pictures. I've never seen this binder before. It looks great!

  6. What a great idea & I'm really glad he loves it :)
    I offered my personal Kendal to my hubby (thought it was rugged enough), but he really wasn't that interested...

  7. Ok i've never seen this Filo before and I'm loving it! Is it an oldie but goodie? Wow why don't they sell than one now (or do they...?) I would love something like that in a rich buttery tan. Yes, its a bit on the masculine side but i just love the flap and the accordian section. Great job by the me an organized man! haha (and an organized woman to get him that way!)

  8. Thanks for the lovely comments, I don't know why Filofax stopped making this Organiser, it is a really good strong one. I got this for around £6 off e-bay, I've noticed there is still a few on there, it's well worth getting.

    1. What a great binder. I didn't see it before, and I can't find it in Ebay. Could you please let me know who the seller is? Perhaps they'd ship to Spain and that could be my perfect first Filofax. :-)

  9. There is a Ranger up for sale on eBay just now. I love mine.

  10. I just got it today not knowing it was faux leather but it is really nice rugged faux leather unlike the shiny vinyl of Metropol (sorry if you like that style). I can't wait to set it up and start using it. I'm pretty girly girl (I have a raspeberry compact chameleon) but I love the Ranger too. And its true how Filofax isn't just for women. A lot of the styles like Malden and other ones that are brown and black are great for men.