Thursday, 21 June 2012

A5 Chameleon

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I have noticed a lot of people are getting Chameleon Organisers in the last couple of weeks, after having a look on Filofax UK I now understand why..... all Chameleon Filofaxes are at half price!  So I thought I would jump on the bandwagon and treat myself to a A5.  After a lot of hard thought, I couldn't decide whether to go with the Red or the the end, I went with both!

A5 Chameleon in Red & Raspberry

Don't they look just heavenly!

I had a bit of a job ordering though, while I was making my decision, the Red sold out online, so I phoned the Neal Street shop in London and they had one in.  The only downside to this, was the £12 postage fee I was charged, unlike the free postage on the Filofax website.  But it was so worth it!  The Filofax arrived in under 24 hours, was well packaged and came with a catalogue and a complimentary pack.  The lady on the phone was an absolute darling, so helpful and chatty, I could have talked with her for hours. lol

                  These came with the Red Chameleon.
                 Complimentary pack & Catalogue

Then I went online to order the Raspberry one from Filofax UK.  After attempting to put my details in 4 times, I gave up and phoned and ordered it , even then there was some problems at their end.  Online it said if you order before 2:30pm it will be dispatched the same day.  I ordered it at noon so I thought I would receive it the next day....WRONG!  I phoned yesterday for a tracking number (which I am still waiting for) and was told it would be dispatched then (instead of the day I ordered it).  I was a little disgruntled at that, but the fact that my Red one had just arrived by then, placated me. lol 

So the Raspberry one arrived this morning at 8am.  Inside was the normal type Filofax box unlike the more fancier, one I received from the Neal Street shop.
From Neal Street Filofax Shop

From Filofax UK

So what's in side?  Let's see!

As you can see, they don't quite lie flat yet.

Both Come with a 2013 Diary.


The Red comes with lovely pastel colour dividers and a clear ruler/page marker, while the Raspberry has the original cream colour and black ruler/page marker.

 Pastel colour pages from the Red Chameleon.

Original colours from Raspberry Chameleon.

Next up..... the back:

The Red has a full plastic pocket.  The Raspberry has a credit card holder.  The pen loops are elasticated so a wider pen will fit with ease.


Inside the front, 2 deep pockets as well as a zipped compartment
2012 Diary supplied with Raspberry.

I was really pleased with the service I received from the Filofax shop in London, not so much with Filofax UK.  It was worth paying the extra postage to get it here a little quicker, have the extra stuff sent and to get a nicer box.

I think I will be taking the pastel coloured inserts from the Red and put them in the Raspberry though.  Once I have them set up I will do another blog about it.


  1. Enjoyed reading about your Chameleons Gail. I had the same problems as you, tried to order an A5 Aqua online but my basket kept emptying, managed to order over the phone yesterday but was told 3-5 days for delivery, don't think I can wait that long. Wondering if I should have gone for the raspberry now i've seen yours!

  2. I'm glad you got them in the end, i've tried ordering the Raspberry online from Filofax uk but it wouldn't let me check out, I ordered the red it let me check out but then they cancelled the order a few hours later due to it being out of stock. I then ordered a red, Raspberry and Aqua on ebay, only to get a email a day later to say they are out of stock, i've accepted it's not meant to be, i've ordered a wine A5 Holborn zip from city organiser, it shipped within the hour, great service as always, to be used as my home Filofax, and i'm still on the lookout for the perfect reading/movie filofax :)

  3. Hi there, I'm seriously debating getting a Chameleon in black, but I was wondering about the ring size-is it too small to really pack it?

  4. Hi Ms.C I actually find it okay, I am one of those people who really pack their Filofaxs and I've managed to still get a good amount in the Chameleons.

  5. Hello, I love your idea about the Kindle journal. I have myself one in my Filofax Songbird.. and I love to write about the Kindle books I buy and read. I like your Filofax page... beautiful. Would you please tell me where did you find the Kindle front picture with the man under the tree.. I want to have it too but I can't find it! Thanks. Love your way.

  6. Hello Mujer, I found it in Google images, it is a lovely picture isn't it, though how you manage to read under a tree in the dark, beats me. lol I think it means, Amazon is open day and night, to download to the Kindle.

    I have tried looking again in Google Images for the link but cannot find it, but I do have a copy of it on Microsoft Word. If you like, it I could send you it via e-mail ...........or I can see if I can add it on this page!

  7. Nope, it won't let me add it. Here is a smaller version, you might be able to stretch it to fit.

  8. thank you so much Gail... would you please send it to me via e.mail: the other one is too small and it doesn't look good when I tried to stretch it... thanks again.

  9. Yeah I thought that was one a bit smaller than the one I used. I have just e-mailed it to you, hope you can get it open and edit it to fit your own Filofax.

  10. Thank you SO much Gail. This one is really good and fits really well.