Wednesday, 1 August 2012

A5 Malden Filofax

Do You Believe In Magic.....

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My Maldens...... I'd been after the A5 Ochre Malden for months, but couldn't justify needing another A5 Filofax, especially one that was over £100.  I kept putting it off, then I thought, I am not going to be happy till I get one, but first I wanted to see one before buying it.  Well that was easier said than done, no shops had any..... plenty online but no "real life" ones.

At the time I was reading a book called The Magic by Rhonda Byrne, it's about manifesting things into your life, so I thought okay, I'll manifest the Malden so I can see what it looks like.  This was on the Saturday evening and on the following Monday morning, I woke with this overwelming feeling I was going to have my A5 Malden that day, I was even excited as if I knew I already had it.  Hubby and I set off to a huge shopping centre some 25 miles away. On the way there I remembered, The Pen Shop is only another 5 miles further, so thought I would give them a ring from my Iphone, (to see if they had any) but I accidently pressed the number and called their headquarters instead.  They said they had one in stock and I could collect it personally if I lived nearby, I asked where they were based and I got the shock of my life.....we were actually driving right past that spot as we spoke!  Hubby had to do a quick u-turn but less than 10 minutes later I had my A5 Malden in Ochre!  Isn't she a beaut!

A few weeks later, I saw the A5 Purple Malden and got the "Wanties" again!  After paying out for this one, I thought there's no chance of getting another one so soon.....but lady luck or was it The Magic, that worked again in my favour?  I'd just sent a Personal Classic back to Filofax UK as it was in a bad way, I blogged here about it.  Filofax UK said I could get another Filofax to replace the Classic, so I ordered the Purple Malden and only had £12 to pay because of some discount going on  at the time.  So here it is, in all its glory!

It's not as purple as the photo shows, it's really hard to get a true photo of the colour, but it's actually more of an aubergine colour.

Open view:

Back view:


When I received the Purple Malden, some of the pages were stuck in the rings, so I made a complaint to Filofax UK, who very kindly sent me some freebies as compensation.  Among them was this beautiful Purple Filofax Pen that matches the Purple Malden perfectly.


The Ochre laid flat almost straight out of the box.

Hmmm.....looks like we have some work to do with the Purple one.

My Malden family, 

You might be able to see how the colours of the Ochres varies with use.  The personal size has had some use so looks a little more darker and shinier than the A5.

What do I use this Maldens for.....well, I think I will leave that for another blog.

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  1. Loving the purple! One of my very favourite colours. I recently bought my first A5 and I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. LOL!

  2. What a brilliant story!! Your ochre Malden was definitely meant to be yours!! I'm looking forward to receiving my new personal purple Malden which is in exchange for a faulty filo, and I also have the same 4 you have plus a pocket ochre and I used to have an A5 in vintage pink- as you can probably tell, the Maldens are my favourite range and the ochre is my favourite colour!! Especially my personal ochre, which, like yours, have much shinier and darker leather than my A5!

  3. Is it sad to admit to having Maldens in nearly every size!! Pleased to see you have a lovely pair of A5's if you will excuse the phrase!


  4. Wow love both those A5's together, not sure how long i'll hold out for the purple!!:)

  5. Never really liked the Malden range (Even though I have one in personal!) but this makes me want one in purple!

  6. Lucy, I think we need to do a list of all the things an A5 can be used for!

    TPS...Thanks hun, I adore the Maldens too, hopefully you won't have too long to wait for your new one.

    Steve, your excused, I agree I do have a very good pair. lol

    Alison, I just know you'll cave in and get yourself one hun. lol

  7. Congratulations - those two A5 Maldens are probablly two of my favourites :o)

  8. fabulous. I am never going to buy a filofax again, I am simply going to manifest them. Speaking of which my purple A5 Malden to replace my classic arrived on Friday with a ripple in the leather in the back, a mismatching ring and a letter R ( I assume for reject) witten in biro on the cover! It was back in the post same day and I await a replacement for the replacement. At least I know it will be worth it!

  9. Oh my gosh Helen, that's absolutely outrageous!!!

  10. Lordy be Helen, that's really shocking. Where on earth did you get it from? To send a reject, that's just not on!

  11. Wow! Those are beautiful! I want a Malden really bad I just need to save money to buy one! But I have the 'wanties' ;) So expect to see it on my blog at some point haha!

  12. OMG I am so excited to be getting the purple A5 tomorrow!

  13. I simply LOVE Malden posts! That Malden family looks absolutely scrumptious!

  14. That purple is awesome! I really want one to keep my recipes in. Hard to get hold of one in Aust though unless you pay an arm and a leg!

  15. OMG....I just posted in a Facebook group that I'm in that I want either a purple or ochre A5 malden but can't afford it right now. I can't wait until the day I have one in my possession! *dreaming & twiddling thumbs*