Friday, 8 February 2013

2013 Filofax Collection

Anyone want to swap, scroll to bottom?

In July 2012, I did a blog on my Filofax Collection.  Today I would like to show you my updated collection because since then, I have sold two, swapped one, returned one and bought a couple more.  I now have 29 Filofax.

My A5 Collection

My Personal/Pocket/Mini Collection

 Here is a list of what I now own.

A5 Size

1  Black Identity
2  Brown Metropol
3  Brown Cuban
4  Raspberry Chameleon
5  Red Chameleon
6  Pink Finsbury
7  Red Finchley
8  Imperial Purple Finchley
9  Black Holborn
10 Zipped Wine Holborn
11  Ochre Malden
12  Purple Malden
13 Black Flex
14 Red Domino
15 Magenta Flex

1  Zipped Chilli Cuban
2  Brown Ranger
3  Raspbery Finsbury
4  Electric Blue Domino
5  Ochre Malden
6  Brown Regency
7  Crimson Malden
8  Black Domino
9  Black Holborn
10  Magenta Metropol
11  Black Chino
12  Pocket Red Metropol
13  Mini Raspberry Finsbury
14  Black Windsor

I have done some blogs on different Filofax, Just click on each title.

Not all of them are in use these days but a fair few are.  I've also got a couple I would like to swap if anyone is interested?  (UK swappers only, sorry but postal rates are dreadful here in the UK!)  So if anyone is interested in swapping:

Personal Zipped Chilli Cuban, 30mm rings, never used once, still boxed.
Personal Raspberry Finsbury, never used, still boxed.
Personal Crimson Malden, Boxed.
Personal Black Domino.
Personal Electric Blue Domino.
Personal Magenta Metropol, never used, Boxed.
A5 Brown Metropol, boxed.

I also have 2 pages to one day personal sized Filofax Diary, used a few days in January, but that's it, it's just got a lot of space and I don't want to waste it.

Also 2 days to one page Filofax Diary insert.  Swap anyone?

Really after another Midori Travellers Notebook and Franklin Covey personal size with large rings, so if anyone has one they no longer use and want to swap, give me a shout.  Will consider anything!


  1. I'm interested in the Cuban zip - need to talk to you about what you may want to swap with. Do you want to email me:

  2. Hi, I have a midori in limited edition tan and also a brown one. I would be interested in the malden crimson personal size. You can email me at jenparker @ hotmail . Co . UK. Jen

  3. Thanks Ladies, I have messaged you both about the Swaps. x

  4. Hi Gail, it hasn't come through, could you resend the email. Thanks Jen

    1. Sent it again Jen, sorry its my fault, I write your e-mail all wrong.

  5. Looove your collection, Gail! Are you, by any chance selling your Ocher Malden A5? <3

    1. Sorry Iris, I love this Filofax, so will be hanging on to it for a bit yet. x

  6. Do let me know if you decide to sell one of the A5 finchley's I will gladly pay the postage :-)

  7. I will do hun, I am still undecieded!

  8. I'm a bit late to this but if you still have the A5 Imperial Purple Finchley and ever decide to sell I am interested. Absolutely love it but can't find anyone selling one! Great blog. I too love Angels and journaling x

  9. Hello, I'm very late but if you're interested in selling your crimson malden I'd love to buy it. Please email me at countryfresh420@gmail. Thank you in advance. Alana

  10. Hi , if you ever want to sell your blue domino i may buy it im interested . thanks jessica

  11. Hi , if you ever want to sell your blue domino i may buy it im interested . thanks jessica

  12. Hello I am in Canada, and willing to cover all shipping, are you willing to sell your Crimson Malden?